Special Survey Services

Oil & Gas Survey Activities and Project Management

Based on our clients’ needs and demands, we tailor solutions and service plans related to the sectors listed below and check the compliance of their purchased and specified products. For each single Quality Control Service, we develop a customized inspection instruction adequate to the procured product.
We are proficient in the European manufacturing processes as we are well established in the heart of the German Steel, Oil & Gas supplying industry, and thus we provide innovative and added-value services to the good ordered by client.
We have 10 years of experience in project management/survey and inspection in Oil & Gas supplying industry. Our senior surveyor holds the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping/Germany) qualification in addition to further education in drilling systems from ADC (Aberdeen Drilling Consultants).
We provide inspection and survey services through our certified inspectors who have a long history in inspection, adding value to every step of the process and ensuring quality delivery to our customers.

Heat exchanger coil Inspection
Renk Gearbox I Inspection

Special services

Oil & Gas Survey Activities and Project Management

Our services cover the following sectors

  1. Oil & Gas
  2. Marine & Offshore

We provide the following

  1. Inspection and survey of Oil & Gas drilling systems, equipment and machineries
  2. On-site supervision and client representation for new build, refit and outfitting of vessels
  3. Testing of all kinds of material, mechanical and NDE (Nondestructive Examination)
  4. Procurement of various Machineries, Equipment and Systems for the Oil & Gas Business.


E Motor Inspection
TECHADV Gearbox Inspection

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