Our services


Our services primarily consider the client’s objective, desires, needs, and specifications of the project. Then, we propose suitable tailored solutions, service plans and discuss them fully with the client. Accordingly, we execute, inspect, supervise, and deliver. We provide the following Services:


1. Selected draft design.
2. Budget planning
3. Preliminary feasibility and cost
4. Procurement for Client’s supply items
5. Assisting at issuing the construction contract and all other relevant Contracts

Yacht survey

  1. Due diligence survey
  2. Super intendency
  3. Material and machinery Inspection
  4. Dry Dock Trials
  5. Sea Trials



Project Management

  1. Technical specification Issues
  2. Check compliance with Class and Flag state.
  3. Owner representation and construction supervision of new build and refit
  4. Project management for new built and refit projects
  5. Well-known Shipyards, Naval architect and designer’s Network for dedicated projects

Marine Supplying Industry Inspection /Survey

  1. Forging & casting mill inspection/survey
  2. Structural material inspection/survey.
  3. Pipes/tubes, systems, essential and auxiliary propulsions inspection.
  4. Systems inspection/survey factory acceptance test FAT
  5. Machinery inspection /survey factory acceptance test FAT